Looking into maybe possibly writing a bit more of ghost!Rythian and tiny!Zoey AU, because the world needs more cute.

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I’m debating whether to post my cosplay pictures here or not because on the one hand cosplay but on the other I don’t want to ruin my reputation as the best looking cruise liner this side of the Yogscast fandom.

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xxtwistedlynx :

If you need any ideas, what about a racing AU? Kim, Sjin, Trott, and Hannah have been playing Mario Kart lately...

Literally all I can think about is the fact that Zoey would paint her car rainbow colored and that she would have a reputation for driving like such a complete maniac that Rythian would have trouble riding with her for fear of his life.

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I really need to write more original things. Occasionally I think that I write far too much about other people’s characters.

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Being a writer is really strange because you can have the worst case of writer’s block but then you just get in that sweetspot, where you walk outside and the sun hits the air or the right song comes on the radio or the sounds of a storm rain through your ears in the just the right way and your head shoots up and you’ve got it, you see the story, and if it’s not the one you planned on writing then screw it, you write it anyway.

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Is Zoeysounds a ship? Or Zomadia? Or, like, Nanozomadia? Questions to answer.

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Popstar!Zoey finds the mall kiosk Rythian works at and stages a surprise concert there just to brighten his and everyone else’s day.

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The ladies of the yogscast are amazing and should be protected at all costs.

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A casual stranger.

The bustle of a crowded sidewalk.

And then, from the depths of the darkness, a spotlight – trained on a woman in gold.

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Casually changes the title of my fanfiction several times after actually posting it.

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